Daniel Winters

Senior Technical Expert, Trioptics GmbH

Daniel Winter's main fields of interest are Test & Metrology applications in Augmented/Virtual Reality, 3D sensing techniques like LIDAR, as well as general optics testing. He has earned a PhD in Engineering Physics from the University of Linz, Austria and has >20 years of experience in academia and industry in the field of optics, optical sensing and metrology. He has worked in Europe, North America and Australia.


Sub Stage 1:

Day 1 (August 30), 2:25 PM-2:50 PM

Why Do We Test All These Optical Components in an XR Headset?

Testing of optical performance of components and the image quality of a completed XR headset is an important but not well-known part of the product development and mass production cycle - in fact today's headsets would likely not be existing without it. In this presentation, we will give an overview of the various steps in the production process where optical testing comes into play and also discuss new developments like active alignment technology where we make use of real-time test data to assemble XR modules for best image quality. Finally, we describe a new generation of test equipment that uses custom high-end optics specially tailored to XR that integrates both "big" and "small" picture-scale image quality test capabilities in one instrument, bringing test technology to the next level to support tomorrow's high-resolution XR headsets.