Martand Srivastava

Emerging Technologies / ARVR Lead, Lenovo

Martand leads the immersive technologies (AR/VR/Metaverse) for Lenovo in APAC. He is a globally recognized metaverse strategist, tech futurist, sought-after speaker with deep expertise working in metaverse-related fields. In his current role he enables large enterprises and organizations chalk out their metaverse strategies with immersive technologies (AR/VR/MR/AI). Martand focuses on value creation at the intersection of business and technology innovation.

Martand is a global technology leader with~20 years of extensive experience in emerging technologies and technology consulting, business development, partnerships across US, Europe and Asia, Martand brings with him vast expertise and extensive knowledge of working with customers in diverse industry verticals such as Manufacturing, Retail, Financial Services, Government, Research, Media and Telecommunications.

Prior to his current role, Martand led financial services vertical for Lenovo’s enterprise business in Asia Pacific and used to manage relationship with bulge bracket wall street and large European banks and financial institutions., helping them with their cloud, data centre technology strategies.

Prior to joining Lenovo, Martand has worked with several Fortune 500 companies in technology research and leading consulting firms. Having worked in the management consulting space, equips him with strategies for better customer experiences, efficient operations, and higher revenues.

Martand is a Bio-informatics engineer by background and has contributed significantly in the human genome project during his academic years. He is an MBA from the prestigious Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore. He also holds an advanced certification in Machine Learning from Stanford University.


Sub Stage 1:

Day 1 (August 30), 3:35 PM-4:00 PM

A Practical Workshop Demonstrating How to Develop with Snapdragon Spaces

This session will be a practical and applied workshop for developers, offering instructions and advice on how to develop apps and use the developer kits for Snapdragon Spaces, lead by EnlightXR and Lenovo. One developer will share product user experience stories from Lenovo's A3 and VRX hardware environments.

Sub Stage 1:

Day 1 (August 30), 4:05 PM-5:00 PM

Is Now the Right Time to Build an XR Developer Ecosystem

Main Stage:

Day 2 (August 31), 1:55 PM-2:20 PM

Lenovo ThinkReality & Qualcomm Snapdragon: Empowering Enterprise Metaverse & XR Ecosystem

Lenovo ThinkReality provides enterprise focused solutions built on three pillars consisting of a scalable software platform, a suite of modern hardware, and expert services offerings to manage and deploy AR and VR technology. Lenovo and the Think brand are well known for building quality hardware products that are durable and innovative. With over 160+ countries supported through 7000+ service centers, and 45 call centers operating in 28 different languages, Lenovo also provides world-class service offerings to support AR and VR solutions. Come and join in with us to find out how Lenovo ThinkReality with Qualcomm collaboration could meet your needs in solving your customer problems.