Terry xR. Schussler

Sr. Dir., XR & Metaverse, Deutsche Telekom

Terry R. Schussler is a seasoned technology professional with a career focus on making software smarter and enabling new forms of communication. He has designed and developed over 200 commercial software products, many of which were category creators, and has delivered numerous technology innovations, including artificial intelligence in consumer products, interactive multimedia on the internet, and real-time character animations. Currently, Schussler serves as Senior Director of XR and Metaverse at Deutsche Telekom, where he leads the company's XR hardware and software scouting and metaverse ecosystem activities. Prior to this role, he worked within Deutsche Telekom's 5G group and led the creation of immersive products that leveraged the value of 5G and edge compute services. Schussler has also served as a mentor and advisor to numerous startup companies, helping them with technical and business guidance.


Main Stage:

Day 2 (August 31), 9:20 AM-9:45 AM

A Case Study on Telco Collaboration in Building a Global Metaverse Platform

This session discusses ifland, a successful Metaverse platform originally created by SK Telecom for the Pan-Asian market. We explain how multiple telcos (SK Telecom, Deutsche Telekom, T-Mobile, and others) have collaborated to launch ifland globally. We examine various design and technical choices made to serve a global audience as well as showcase approaches in deploying AI and other technologies to create an innovative user experience.