Vidhya Sri Soundararajan

Lead Consultant, HCL Technologies Ltd.

11+ years of experience in the IT industry with a passion for immersive experiences, I have architected a range of AR/VR applications that runs on mobile devices as well as various HMD devices. Started as an iOS developer and acquired deep knowledge of Augmented Reality and virtual reality experiences. As a natural extension, delved into the world of Metaverse development, building expertise in architecting applications for these immersive digital worlds. A key contributor to the creation of the Metafinity Platform within HCLTech and helping our clients in their digital transformation journey.

Participated in several global hackathons, architected several immersive applications for the given problem statements, and secured top positions in hackathons hosted by Cricket Australia, Synchrony, AWS, and others.


Sub Stage 2:

Day 2 (August 31), 9:50 AM-10:15 AM

Enterprise Metaverse & Blockchain driven evolution

This session provides an overview of the Metaverse and a typology of metaverse applications focusing on enterprise solutions. We explore avenues for Enterprise Metaverse applications through blockchain integration and how it drives the next frontier of virtual experiences. We discuss how blockchain technologies enable trade in virtual economies and the monetization of digital assets in a secure and transparent manner by using smart contracts, NFTs, and cryptocurrencies.