Yujia Gao

Assistant Group Chief Technology Officer, National University Health System

Dr Gao Yujia is a Consultant Surgeon in Liver, Pancreas, and Liver Transplant Surgery at the National University Hospital in Singapore. As the Assistant Group Chief Technology Officer for the National University Health System, Dr Gao is involved in the research and development of immersive technology and its application in clinical care and education. He works extensively with Mixed Reality (MR) technology, utilising MR devices to deliver cutting edge capabilities to clinicians including 3D holographic imaging, real-time computer-vision based imaged analysis, and multisource data integration. He is also responsible for the integration and implementation of 5G wireless technology for hospital infrastructure development and building of secured high-speed integrated data networks.


Main Stage:

Day 2 (August 31), 4:05 PM-4:30 PM

Holomedicine – The Next Generation Integrated Medical Platform

Holomedicine – a term to describe applications which blend augmented, mixed and virtual reality to allow for the practice and delivery of medicine through sensory camera technology. "Holo" is derived from hologram, whereby medical information such as MRI and CT scans, as well as ultrasound, microscope and endoscope screens, are displayed as holograms. This is viewed through mixed reality glasses while, at the same time, the real-world environment remains completely visible. Holomedicine® applications can create a 3-dimensional hologram image of a patient’s anatomy, allowing the surgeon or medical professional to carry out multiple practices including surgical planning and preparation, telesurgery, and training to student physicians.