Etienne Chia

Director, Narrative experience and creative technology, Kingsmen Exhibits

Etienne is a seasoned creative with almost 20 years of experience in brand experience, digital marketing, public relations, and content creation. He excels in designing immersive and interactive content and has been working with virtual reality (VR) for nearly a decade. At Kingsmen KR+D, a leading experiential design firm specializing in themed entertainment and museums, Etienne applies his design-thinking and expertise to create impactful engagement strategies that connect brands and audiences in meaningful ways. Etienne is also a thought leader in the creative technology industry and has organized multiple events, including for French Tech Shanghai and Gen AI changemakers.


Sub Stage 2:

Day 1 (August 30), 2:55 PM-3:20 PM

XR in Experiential Education: Designing and Delivering XR Content for Field Trips, Extracurricular Activities, and Classroom Simulations

Experiential education for undergraduate and K12 students represents one of the most significant near-term opportunities for XR to gain wider adoption. This panel explores how XR is being used today to create experiential education activities like off-campus excursions that use mobile AR, field trips in VR, and afterschool activities and classroom simulations that use both. We explore limitations, opportunities, and tipping points that come from the XR hardware ecosystem. We then examine content design considerations informed by the needs of K12 educators, such as the ease of customizing teaching materials and the need to balance user autonomy with focus on a learning objective.