York Chen

Founder & CEO, Suzhou Bearsunny Inc

Founder and CEO of Suzhou Bearverse Technology Inc., Master of Industrial Engineering and Operations Research at the University of California, Berkeley, and Bachelor of Optical Engineering at the University of Rochester.

York established Suzhou Bearverse Technologies Inc., and started the industrialization of Electrochromic materials. At present, the company is focusing on technical solutions of pain points in ambient light interference with imaging in AR and see-through display. The product - EC semiconductor color-changing film", developed by the company, has successfully entered the vendor list of Samsung Electronics, Meta and other international manufacturers. At the same time, it has launched technical cooperation with many renowned domestic module manufacturers such as BOE, Goertek, Sunny Optics, and Crystal Optoelectronics.


Sub Stage 1:

Day 2 (August 31), 2:55 PM-3:20 PM

Introduction of the Digitally-controlled Electrochromic Materials (DC-EC) and the Usecases in the XR Field

In this session, we will introduce an emerging optics technology with wide applications in XR: Digitally-controlled Electrochromic Materials (DC-EC). This is a semiconductor device with an inorganic nano-film structure. In this session, we examine the underlying mechanics of this technology. We then explore use cases in consumer electronics, especially the XR field. Finally, we explore the potential market size and scope for this particular component, both inside and outside of XR.