Jake Tan

Co-Founder, Chief Technology Officer, SERIAL CO_

Jake Tan (b.1994) is a new media artist, Adjunct Lecturer at Nanyang Technological University, and Co-Founder of SERIAL COMMUNICATION, a studio that focuses on research & development of proprietary digital assets in the fields of creative technology, blockchain, and extended reality(XR).

Jake's artistic practice focuses on the intersection of nature, technology, and society, where he has exhibited and was part of artistic residencies in Singapore, Austria, and Germany. Creating Jake's new media art, typically involves technological research & development in the following realms: physically through microcontroller and electronics programming, 3D printing, and scanning. Digitally through programming, AR/VR/MR production through game engines, and intangibly through projection mapping and XR-focused user interface and experience design.

His studio, SERIAL COMMUNICATION, was selected for incubation grants by Singapore Management University, and Nanyang Technological University, School of Art, Media and Design, Singapore, where he also received his BFA degree in Interactive Media(2020), and MiniMasters™ in General Management(2021) in Nanyang Business School.


Main Stage:

Day 1 (August 30), 2:25 PM-2:50 PM

Creative Technology is Destroying How We Make Art

Amid rapid technological progress, the interplay of creativity and technology is revolutionizing art's creation, display, and engagement. This presentation probes how artists utilize technology to drive innovation, pushing expressive boundaries. Examining mixed reality's impact, we explore the fusion of traditional and digital techniques, interactive art's rise, ethical concerns, and the merging of artistry and technology. Revealing how this fusion enriches artistic landscapes, we're propelled into a future where creativity flourishes in unprecedented ways.