Jeremy Luisier

Senior Technical Trainer, Unity Technologies

Jeremy is a Senior Technical Trainer at Unity Technologies. In this role, he has the opportunity to work with academic institutions as part of the Center of Excellence program and help educators and students bring their creative visions to life. Jeremy believes, as Unity does, that the world is a better place with more creators in it. He enjoys guiding those in academia and business towards creating immersive, intuitive, and impactful experiences that embrace the latest technologies. He was previously Academic Director of the KMITL Interactive Digital Center, Director and Co-Founder of the IAAI Virtual Lab, an XR lecturer, and developer. He has been a lifelong gamer and is passionate about helping others bring more of the delight that games have to offer into educational spaces.


Main Stage:

Day 1 (August 30), 11:30 AM-12:25 PM

Panel Discussion: How AI Will Enhance the Metaverse and Education

Metaverse technologies are already impacting education where immersive learning is transforming access, retention rates, and engagement of learners from high school to higher ed and into the workforce.

AI is a foundational part of Meta and our partner’s work. Hear from industry leaders and Meta’s partners on how they are transforming the future of educational content creation through immersive learning and AI.