Oliver Weidlich

Director of Design and Innovation, Contxtual

Oliver, and his User Experience company Contxtual, are exploring the interaction design of future user experiences (Spatial Computing, Everyday AR etc). Oliver has over 23 years in UX across mobile, web, wearables, car, kiosk, speech etc for corporates through to start-ups. He also has an Adjunct position at Sydney University to bring the learnings of academic research into practical client projects.


Sub Stage 1:

Day 2 (August 31), 10:20 AM-10:45 AM

Design Considerations for HMD AR

The talk will explore the definition of AR interfaces and delve into the challenges and best practices of designing UIs for HMD AR. Discover considerations for MRTK and ML2 guideline integration, as well as 2D and embedded interfaces. Explore gesture-based interactions, menu systems, information organization, and user feedback, including learnings from recent usability testing. Enhance everyday AR experiences with layers of information and contextual awareness.