Sebastian Hofer

Co-Founder & Creative Director, Anything World

Seb is a global creative thinker, designer and hands-on doer. He cut his teeth doing digital campaigns for some of the biggest brands out there including Apple, Nike, Meta and Google.

Having roamed across the creative disciplines - street and interactive art and design to advertising, Seb found his calling in game design and art direction, releasing titles on Playstation, Nintendo Wii and Android/iOS through his own studio. He’s since taken this to the next level using the power of AI.

As Co-Founder and Creative Director of Anything World, Seb recognised the need for rigged, game-ready models that developers and creators could conjure in a matter of moments through the power and prowess of AI. The entire system can be commanded by voice or text to bring 3D models to life at scale to populate games and virtual worlds at speed.

Their fast-growing library of creatures - earthly and extra-terrestrial, objects and environments span the subaquatic to the blooming and dystopian. Anything World streamlines production to let developers focus on the creative process. Dedicated to lowering the barriers to creation, Anything World’s tools allow those starting out to be a 3D content creator on their own terms.


Main Stage:

Day 2 (August 31), 12:00 PM-12:25 PM

How AI is Powering a Golden Age in Games Development

You’ve seen the headlines. AI is coming for us…Gaming is no different - from writing to art and 3D production, every aspect of game development and the creation process of virtual worlds is set to be up-ended by neural networks, computer vision and LLMs. We’ll talk about what tools are out there right now and how they’re helping automate some of the most laborious and unpopular facets of 3D animation, what the near future landscape of game development looks like, and how AI is set to benefit everyone on the talent and experience spectrum. Leading professionals and big studios are discovering how AI can streamline workflows and produce incredible results, whilst those just starting out are finding out how AI can reduce the barriers to entry.