Sivakumar Kalimuthu

Design Engineering Lead- Singapore, 3M Innovation Singapore Pte Ltd

Sivakumar Kalimuthu is a Mechanical Engineer by background and possess 28 years of experience in Mechanical design, mould manufacturing, machine fabrication, and technology and people management. He was instrumental in deploying AR/VR technology at 3M in the APAC region. He has been working on various emerging technologies that could enhance productivity in Engineering and Manufacturing.


Main Stage:

Day 2 (August 31), 11:00 AM-11:25 AM

3M's Journey in Deploying XR for Hazardous Area Safety Training and Manufacturing Troubleshooting

This session explores case studies from 3M’s deployments of XR in manufacturing processes and training. We begin by exploring the opportunities of using AR in process and equipment troubleshooting by allowing technicians to more seamlessly connect with experts. We then cover the impact of VR technology on safety training in hazardous environments by creating virtual experiences that demonstrate the importance of safety operations in an immersive manner. Finally, this session discusses the challenges faced in implementing and using these two technologies and areas for potential improvement.