Darwin Jocson

Manager – IT Business Engagement Lead, Mercedes-Benz Singapore

Darwin Jocson has 15 years of experience in project management, being a certified Blockchain expert with a passion to drive more enterprise adoption and industrial use case implementations. With a vast experience in information technology infrastructure, Darwin has a proven track record of success in project management, delivering results with excellence.As a proponent for the strategic use of big data in corporates, Darwin believes strongly in the impact of emerging technology and tools to global enterprises today.


Main Stage:

Day 2 (August 31), 10:20 AM-10:45 AM (Panel)

Empowering Enterprises in a Decentralized Way

Cross-border data exchange is an essential requirement for organizations both inside and outside of the XR industry. Achieving that, while also ensuring control of data and adherence to local jurisdictions, is a key goal for organizations. This session explores how Web3 technology can be a powerful tool to solve these considerations through a decentralized way, unlocking the full value of data. We examine how decentralized data exchanges can be enabled through concepts such as tokenization, edge computing capabilities, an example of this framework in action: Acentrik – a strategic product by Mercedes-Benz.