Vanessa Ching

Inception Ecosystem and Startups Partnerships, Asia-Pacific South (ASEAN & ANZ), NVIDIA

Vanessa brings a diverse 20+ years of media & technology ecosystem building background. At NVIDIA, she works with ecosystem partners and helps startups to accelerate AI via NVIDIA’s Inception program in Asia Pacific South (ASEAN and ANZ) as part of NVIDIA’s developer programs team.

In the XR realm, Vanessa is passionate about driving the adoption of 3D tools and new ways of working and collaborating. Vanessa founded the XR Alliance, a global not-for-profit community and network of XR professionals. She is also the founder of XR Women in Asia and Women in Immersive Media communities.


Main Stage:

Day 1 (August 30), 10:20 AM-10:45 AM

AI for Next-Generation XR

XR haS taken hold across nearly every 3D industry, from virtual production to surgical planning, from architectural modeling to remote assistance, from factory-line training to immersive gaming. This talk will discuss some of the leading use cases of XR; how streaming is changing everything; and it’ll explore how XR is poised to make its next great leap forward with artificial intelligence, particularly incorporating virtual agents into specific collaborative XR dynamics, examining the benefits and acceptance of AI participants in a connected enterprise XR world."