Yu Yuan

President, IEEE Standards Association, IEEE

Dr. Yu Yuan, President of IEEE Standards Association, is a visionary scientist, inventor, and entrepreneur in the areas of Consumer Technology, Multimedia, Virtual Reality, Internet of Things, and Digital Transformation. He co-founded VerseMaker, a metaverse enabling and incubation platform facilitating global collaboration and innovation on metaverse by information exchange, expert network, and investment. He founded 0xSenses, a multinational technology company developing technologies, infrastructures, ecosystems, and resources needed for massively multiplayer ultra-realistic virtual experiences. Prior to this he worked for IBM Research as a research scientist and was a key contributor to IBM's Cell Broadband Engine, Smarter Planet, and IoT initiative. He has been a passionate volunteer in various leadership positions at IEEE and other professional organizations. He is also serving as a Director on the IEEE Board of Directors, a Member-at-Large on the IEEE Consumer Technology Society Board of Governors, and the Honorary President of the Japan International Metaverse Association.


Main Stage:

Day 2 (August 31), 9:00 AM-9:20 PM

Challenges, Roadmaps, and Standardization

Metaverse refers to a kind of experience in which the outside world is perceived by the users (human or non-human) as being a universe that is built upon digital technologies as a different universe ("Virtual Reality"), a digital extension of our current universe ("Augmented Reality"), or a digital counterpart of our current universe ("Digital Twin"). Metaverse will have a profound impact on everything. This talk will outline the challenges, roadmaps, and standardization in metaverse development.